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Megaupload Censored

The folks at TorrentFreak report that Universal Music has issued DMCA takedown notices to remove from YouTube a video posted by Megaupload in which Universal has no copyright interest. Alas, misuse of takedown notices is all too common.

DMCA Abuse: Wildlife Version

Carolyn Wright operates a website featuring photographs she has taken of wildlife. The website’s host recently suspended the site after it received a DMCA notice containing phony copyright infringement claims. Ms. Wright is herself a copyright lawyer. The problem seems to have been resolved and the website┬áis back up.

Oh, Brother

Here we go again. Warner Brother has admitted using DMCA takedown notices to target materials in which it doesn’t own a copyright. This isn’t the first time the brothers Warner have have gotten grabby. In 1947 when the Marx Brothers were about to begin production of A Night in Casablanca, Warner Brothers threatened to sue […]