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Retrieving Files from Megaupload

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched an effort to help lawful users of Megaupload retrieve their files.

Ben Wright / Megaupload’s Innocent Users

Ben Wright makes the excellent point that disabling Megaupload should not result in the disappearance of non-infringing files that users have uploaded.

UMG Doubles Down

In its response to Megaupload’s lawsuit, UMG makes the startling claim that it has authority to seek removal of YouTube videos in which it has no copyright interest: “The UMG-YouTube agreement grants UMG rights to effect the removal of user-posted videos through YouTube’s Content Management System (“CMS”), based on a number of contractually specified criteria […]

Megaupload Censored

The folks at TorrentFreak report that Universal Music has issued DMCA takedown notices to remove from YouTube a video posted by Megaupload in which Universal has no copyright interest. Alas, misuse of takedown notices is all too common.