Jason Mazzone masterfully shows the astonishing ways in which content industries misuse their intellectual property rights—and how to rein them in. This book will transform debates about balancing private property with public access to information in the digital age. A must read for anyone who cares about the future of creativity.

Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia

Yo, this engaging book isn’t afraid to expose some of the music industry’s most widespread ‘dirty little secrets.’ Although the Copyright System has its roots in the U.S. Constitution and is designed to promote and reward creativity on an ‘honor’ system, the Copyright Laws themselves have been hijacked and exploited by less than honorable people. If you are a musician or songwriter, read this book to avoid becoming yet another victim.

George Clinton, Funkadelic

Jason Mazzone powerfully crystallizes a set of digital copyright problems not focused on infringement by the public, but rather overreaching by copyright holders. He makes a crucial contribution to a framework for shoring up the governance of bits in the digital age: the formidable powers of intellectual property should be matched by proper policing of its boundaries.

Jonathan Zittrain, Harvard University,
author of The Future of the Internet—And How to Stop It